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Builders and Developers

The delivery of affordable home ownership supports key economic and social infrastructure for the state, including stimulating the housing construction sector.

Stable housing is recognised as a key pillar to help South Australians succeed in life. It provides stability in people’s lives, which underpins employment, health and education.

The housing market currently supplies only 3.7% of new build homes that are affordable to households on a low- or very low-income, and 20.2% of housing affordable to households on a moderate-income.

HomeSeeker SA provides people with a broad range of housing opportunities, information and tools to help them decide what housing choice is right for them, and how best they can access it.

Why you should be involved

As a developer or builder, being involved in HomeSeeker SA will help you to:

How to get involved

There are a number of ways for the building and development industry to get involved in HomeSeeker SA.

SA Housing Authority has published the Affordable Housing Developer Toolkit as a guide to assist developers and industry professionals deliver affordable housing.

To see examples of previous affordable homes delivered through HomeSeeker SA, view the HomeSeeker SA Property Showcase.

Information about how to address and include affordable housing in your new housing development under planning or contractual requirements is available here or email homeseeker.partners@sa.gov.au for more information.

For other partnership discussions, presentation of ideas and innovations, please email housing.opportunities@sa.gov.au

Build programs and the release of land for sale are made available through SA Tenders and Contracts and Renewal SA.