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Our Partners

The success of HomeSeeker SA depends on the support of all of our partners.


While government can help to create the conditions for change, we are working with industry and not-for-profit partners to be part of the solution and help create new types of housing to meet the needs of all South Australians.

Development sector and building Industry

The development and building industry delivers new housing solutions, including land releases and residential projects. Developers are partnering with each other, the government, and the financial sector to provide homes at prices that are affordable for everyday households. These partnerships will support innovation and diversity and will provide new and better housing opportunities for all South Australians. Key to this is the inclusion of 15 per cent affordable housing in significant new developments.

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The community housing sector provides a range of housing options. 

Community housing providers (CHPs) are not-for-profit organisations providing a variety of living arrangements depending on the needs and preferences of the tenant household. They are administered, maintained and managed by paid staff. These community housing providers are delivering social and affordable housing in conjunction with SA Housing Authority and Renewal SA.

Community housing provides secure, affordable, long term rental housing for people with specific needs, including: people who have experienced homelessness; the aged; Aboriginal people; people with a disability; survivors of domestic violence; people from non-English speaking backgrounds; and low-income families and individuals. 

Community housing providers are creating homes for affordable rental, as well as affordable home purchase, and exploring alternative ways to bring homes to market through joint ventures with government and finance providers like HomeStart Finance. 

Partnerships with the community housing sector are expected to result in $220 million construction investment as part of the Community Housing Asset and Investment Plans. These are anticipated to produce more than 1000 homes of which 720 are projected to be retained as social and affordable housing. 

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Finance Providers

Finance providers have a range of roles in the development of new housing product, from financing new development to providing home loans. Banks and credit unions are the main source of home loans for the home buyer market, and their websites contain extensive information for first home buyers on how to save, managing finances and the home-buying process.

South Australia’s government-owned lender HomeStart Finance specialises in home loans for people on lower incomes. HomeStart has been around for more than 30 years and has assisted over 75,000 households enter home ownership. Their aim is to make home ownership a reality for more people, in more ways.

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Renewal SA

Renewal SA is the state’s lead development agency, engaging with industry to undertake unique development opportunities through access to government-owned land. The agency focuses on creating communities that put people at the centre of urban planning and design. Urban renewal projects revitalise communities by creating high quality, shared open spaces and places that bring people together.

Renewal SA projects that are creating homes for South Australians include:

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PlanSA manages the planning system which controls land use and the rules under which development occurs in our state. SA Housing Authority works with PlanSA to help create a housing market that will provide the right housing supply for our state’s population. 

Together our aim is to encourage housing innovation and a focus on building homes that are well-located and affordable, in areas that are near public transport, education, jobs and services.

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