A dream come true

Real Buyer Testimonial

Shuba and her family thought home ownership was just a dream. But the affordable housing program and HomeStart Finance have helped make their dream a reality.

Subhashini, or Shuba as she is known to her friends, arrived in Adelaide with her husband from India in 2016.

Four years and two young children later, the western suburbs unit they were renting was feeling increasingly cramped, but home ownership was still just a dream.

That’s where the state government's affordable housing program came in. Shuba, who works at a bank, and her husband, a bus driver, visited the website and saw the opportunity to build a brand new three bedroom home at Woodville West.

“We realised we could afford the home we wanted. The (affordable housing) program and HomeStart Finance made the process so smooth and easy. It was awesome in fact,” said Shuba. “I would certainly recommend them to anyone wanting to buy their first home.”

“Buying a home has been the biggest investment of our lives but I didn’t realise how emotional it would be. My children now have their own bedrooms and a backyard to play in.”

The family moved into their new home in January 2021 and Shuba is excited about the future.

“This will be our family home for the next five to 10 years. When the children are ready for secondary school we might move, but for the moment we have everything we need right here.”