Helping to set up our lives forever

Real Buyer Testimonial

Young couple Blake and Abigail bought their first home in Dover Gardens, by taking advantage of HomeSeeker SA.


Young couple Blake and Abigail recently bought their first home in Dover Gardens by taking advantage of the State Government’s HomeSeeker SA program.

“When you talk about the Australian dream, it’s about owning your own home,” Blake said.

“To be able to move into our own home at such young ages, it’s helping to set up our lives forever.”

Blake, 26, said he and Abigail were grateful they were able to buy a home without competition from investors.

“As property values rise, it’s no secret it’s harder to find properties to rent and buy,” he said.

“This program is a great opportunity for first homebuyers to get properties at reasonable fixed prices.”

Blake said owning a home was a hot topic among his friends, and he knew of others who had taken advantage of affordable home packages.

Blake’s advice to others looking to secure their first home is to get finance pre-approval in place, to be able to move quickly when the right property becomes available.

“Make sure you have your finance in order and always be on the lookout,” he said.

“Check websites like HomeSeeker, which offer these affordable housing initiatives.

“For us it happened really quickly, so be ready to grab the opportunity with both hands.”