I was really impressed with the quality

Real Buyer Testemonial

Hannah found her first home through HomeSeeker SA and was impressed by the quality of the home and her friendly, welcoming neighbours.

Hannah in found her first home in Broadview after finding out about HomeSeeker SA on the internet.

"I purchased my property in November 2020, after my mum found it advertised online." Hannah said.

"At first I was a bit sceptical, as I never considered an affordable home before. However, after my first viewing I was really impressed with the quality and modern finishes. It stacked up to a lot of other properties on the market, and was brand new."

"I found the settlement process fairly straightforward and quick."

"As a first home buyer I had a lot of questions about the process. The staff at SA Housing Authority were very helpful and made the process a lot less daunting. I also found the HomeSeeker SA website very helpful with steps outlining ‘How to Buy a Home’."

"I have been in my property now for nearly two years. I really enjoy living here and found no significant issues with the building.

"My neighbours have also been really friendly and welcoming."

"I would encourage others to consider the homes on the HomeSeeker SA website."